The Canussio Foundation's on line Studies on Classical Antiquity

The publication of contributions

  1. The secretariat, together with the editorial committee of «Palaestra», will see to submitting each contribution to the scientific committee of the Canussio Foundation.

  2. If positive judgement is given by the scientific committee, the essay will be published in a special section on the FoundationŐs website: ( The essay will be published in Portable Document Format (PDF), also used for the digital version of the Proceedings of the Canussio Foundation's International Conferences.

  3. The author remains the sole and exclusive proprietor of the contribution, as well as the sole owner of related copyrights. The said contribution may be published, following the «Palaestra» edition, also in other formats and settings, with prior notification to the «Palaestra» editorial committee and highlighting in further printed publications that the contribution has already been published in «Palaestra. Studi on line della Fondazione Canussio sull'Antichità classica;, available at

  4. The materials sent to the Canussio Foundation will not be returned to the author.