The Canussio Foundation's on line Studies on Classical Antiquity

Presentation of contributions

  1. Contributions will be sent as follows: an hard copy (with each page signed by the author) and a digital copy, on a CD-ROM or floppy-disk, to the Milanese office of the Foundation: Fondazione Niccolò Canussio, via B. Luini 12, 20123 Milano.

  2. The digital copy must be in .doc format.

  3. Attachments to the contribution will be:

    1. Personal data (in hard copy and in digital format): Last Name and First Name, Mailing address, Telephone number, E-mail address, Title of contribution and brief summary, maximum 600 characters, spaces included.

    2. Copy of a valid document of identity.

    3. Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum of the author (three printed copies, and one in digital format), eventually with a letter of reference of a University professor.

    4. Copy of liability exemption (downloadable here, in Italian) and signed on every page.